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We have been active in the beauty industry for many years. Established early on as a business by Lillian Rickson and her husband, Pascale LeBlanc, we gained popularity through our own sales at Beauty and Brains stores throughout Canada. Since then I have helped launch some of the best names in health care - Moonstruck, Cetaphil and Sensortec - over the years to become one-of‑a kind brands that not only are innovative but unique.

Our products are dermatologist tested and please keep your skin moisturized using our SPF 50+. Our products are also dermatologist tested and please do not use any of our skin care products that have been tested with alcohol to avoid any possible side effects. Visit to see all of our products and to go to our web site at for sample sizes and more information.

Take time out to relax, renew, nourish and regrow. Our products are clinically proven to help with your skin care needs. Our products are gentle enough for use alone and are also suitable for daily use. Our products cleanse, detoxify, detoxify and cleanse your skin. The idea is to get rid of all the toxins and stress on the skin and all the chemicals it carries throughout the body.

The products are made with glass fibre for a product that is safe for all skin types. We are based in London and we have a number of branches across the UK. The products are available at the following retailers: B&Q, Amazon, Amazon UK,, B&H, ASOS, Headshop, Ocado and more. Please contact us for more information.

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We believe that personal care products that deliver results for our customers and leave them feeling refreshed and relaxed are worth the investment. Our mission is to provide affordable skin care and grooming solutions that meet the needs of the modern day woman. Our mission is to make affordable beauty products that deliver results for our customers. As a leader in affordable beauty products, we provide a comprehensive range of products for women of all ages, skin concerns, skin types and skin care preferences. We do this by creating products that deliver value to women of all skin concerns, skin types and skin care preferences.

The line is a result of a partnership with UK skin care specialist, Dr. Glyn Horsley who is a licensed dermatologist in the UK. Since we established our line over 10 years ago, he has seen the benefits of our products to help reduce inflammation and acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. We are also dedicated to helping skin be the best it can be with our products. is a leading online skin care retailer. It provides a range of products to suit the skin needs of people of all ages and skin types.

We are a dedicated skincare business based in London. We sell to the UK and abroad and are proud to be one of the UK's largest dermatological products retailer. We are also proud to be one of the UK's leading dermatological skincare brand. We are committed to providing a comfortable and innovative skincare experience for our customers, and we’re committed to our customers’ success. As a global business, we have a network of over 10,000 satisfied customers.